Payroll/PEO Plugins That Work For You


Turn heads by adding a fresh and unique product offering that is specialized for both payroll companies and PEOs. Be ambitious! Boost your sales pitch and land new clients with features your competitors will wish they had with BoostRecruit. While PEOs may be primarily interested in the tax credits module, payroll companies can leverage each of BoostRecruit’s three modules interchangeably to enhance their product-scope.


Both Payroll Companies and PEOs can position themselves in the lucrative tax credit sphere by seamlessly integrating with our APIs. Your clients' applicants can be screened for eligibility with our short, innovative survey that can even be taken on a smartphone. Our expertise in backend processing with state agencies will maximize your tax credits and easily develop a new revenue stream.


Allow your clients to access your own "branded" job board. There, they can post jobs locally and syndicate with national job boards, in addition to screening for tax credits in the applicant tracking system.


With our light applicant tracking capabilities, your clients can easily track and contact applicants using our HR-friendly dashboard. This cloud-based system can be fully integrated with the job board and tax credit services that you or we provide.

Boost Your Product Offering

Capture Tax Credits

Payroll Companies and PEOs are in a unique position to leverage a tax credit solution and seamlessly integrate with our APIs. We process, track, calculate, and deliver tax credits worth up to $9,600 for each individual hire. Differentiate from other payroll companies and PEOs with a WOTC strategy and generate a new revenue stream.

Find Candidates

Your clients can post jobs to your job board, national job boards, and even local staffing partners. In addition, they can also access the hiring pool to find candidates and view their tax credit value. Applicants will be prescreened for tax credit qualification, and the HR representative can know immediately if that candidate will qualify them for a tax credit.

Track Them

Employers can track candidates in our easy-to-use dashboard. They can view resume information, contact candidates, rate applications, and track their status throughout the hiring process. Organization at its finest!




Average tax credit value

$1,200 - $9,600

Credit value range


Annual implemented tax credits

WOTC Program

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal tax credit available to employers that motivates them to hire individuals from certain target groups including Long Term Unemployed, SSI/TANF, Food Stamps, Native Americans, Vocational Rehab Referrals, Zone Residents, Veterans, etc. Employers who hire people from these target groups receive a dollar for dollar tax credit against their tax liability.



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